YouTube Millionaire Courses

YouTube Millionaire Courses ( 7 Modules)


Introduction about me and Courses

  •        Why do you need this???
  •          What is YouTube
  • How to make money on YouTube – also detail about AdSense
  • Why YouTube?
  • youtube as a business and start-ups
  • youtube as a student,
  • youtube as a working professional
  • youtube as JOB SEEKERS


  • What is YouTube Overview
  • How to make Attractive Youtube Channel
  • How to Upload Video Properly
  • How to increase Viewers and Subscribers
  • How to increase watch time0
  • How to make Attractive Videos
  • How to create a YouTube channel, Channel Art
  • How to create AdSense Account
  • How to link YouTube Channel to AdSense
  • How to start a business on YouTube Channel
  • How to money earn on YouTube
  • YouTube SEO
  • How to start with an Idea
  • Customize your channel layout (good description because at starting people get know about your channel)
  • How to verify your AdSense account
  • Details about Socialblade and youtubers income
  • Adding YouTube cards and end screen (with Mahatmaji technical channel proof to show how many clicks every day)
  • YouTube analytics details with proof Mahatmaji Technical
  • YouTube/ video manager
  • YouTube channel details
  • YouTube Community / Tab
  • YouTube/live streaming
  • YouTube features- tube buddy, Vidiq, Socialblade
  • How to create thumbnail – canva,  Photoshop
  • Youtube shortcut tips
  • Where to Find FREE MUSIC For Your Videos
  • Where to Find FREE IMAGES For Your Videos Working With Footage
  • How to type in Hindi
  • Creator award
  • verification badges on channel
  • TubeBuddy tutorial full details
  • What is creative common license
  • Youtube filter
  • VidIQ full detail
  • How to Write Script for YouTube Videos?
  • How to get sponsorship
  • Secrets for Getting More Views and more subscribers on YouTube
  • Complete detail about MCN


Video / Audio Recording Equipment’s

  • Introduction
  • Increase your willpower for camera facing
  • Resolution And Frame Rate
  • Tripod, monopod
  • Choose Camera – Low Budget
  • How To Choose Best Mic – Low Budget
  • Lighting
  • Advance Green Screen explanation
  • Which computer, laptop best for youtubers
  • wacom digital pen tablet for educational channel [Best of teacher ]
    wacom digital pen tablet



Recording And Editing

  • Introduction
  • Setting Up Low Budget Studio
  • Video Recording With Camera/Mobile
  • Video Editing Software
  • Video Editing
  • Screen Recording – Software
  • Screen Recording – Basic
  • Animated Whiteboard Videos
  • Audio Recording Software
  • Audio Editing
  • Where To Find FREE Music For Your Videos
  • Where To Find FREE Images For Your Videos
  • How To Record Video With Your Mobile Or Camera
  • How To Record High-Quality Screen Recording
  • How To Record Best Quality Audio
  • Grow Your Brand With A YouTube Channel
  • Create Clickable Thumbnails That Get More Views


Traffic Sources #1 and Case Study
Traffic Sources#2 and Case Study
Traffic Sources#3 Case Study
Traffic Sources#4 case study
Traffic Sources#5 case study
Traffic Sources#6 case study
50 channels Case study combined


Types of channels on YouTube complete case study

  • Comedy
  • Vines
  • group comedy
  • Vlog
  • marketing Vlog
  • Travel Vlog
  • Motor Vlog
  • Personal vlog
  • You can start – property Selling
  • You can sell amazon cheapest product and do affiliate marketing
  • Proper Education
  • Creating educational channel
  • Student Motivational channel
  • Educational news
  • Kids Channel
  • Kids Tutorial
  • Ayurveda
  • Facts
  • Science
  • odd facts
  • Motivational
  • Business
  • Self-help
  • Gaming channel
  • Food and Kitchen vlog
  • Health and fitness
  • Short film
  • How to (topic)
  • News channel
  • Non-profits
  • Pets and animal
  • Sports
  • Technical channelArtist
  • Mobile review
  • App review
  • Technology review
  • Dance
  • Hannel
  • Music channel
  • Beauty Channel
  • Affiliate Marketing Channel
  • Reaction channel review
  • Special courses for Master of YouTube
  • Low Budget Recording Equipment – Microphone, Tripod, Camera, Mobile,
  • Studio Lighting
  • How to get 1000 subscriber and 4000hr watch time in 10 days
  • How to start a business in YouTube channel?
  • Types of YouTube channel
  • How to write script for YouTube Videos ?
  • How to increase views
  • Youtube SEO, – like titles, tagging, descriptions, etc.
  • How to get a video into top 5 search on YouTube?
  • Google Analytics
  • Youtuber success story
  • How to increase watch time?
  • Types of monetization option
  • Types of a giveaway to attract subscribers
  • How and where to promote YouTube video free
  • How to achieve 1 million Subscriber in 500 days
  • How to increase high revenue in less views
  • Youtubers channel income with proof
  • Tools to Increase followers and Fans
  • Addmefast , like4like , likeasap etc


  • All indian Stock footage