Youtube Mastery Course

Validity : 12 months

Mahatma Ji Technical presents the Youtube millionaire course 2.O - It GIVES YOU THE OPPORTUNITY TO EARN MONEY THROUGH YOUR VIDEOS : To earn money through your videos, you will have to have a Google AdSense account. Don’t have a Google AdSense account? You are able to create a new Google AdSense account with your YouTube channel. Aside through Google AdSense, there are different ways you can earn money through YouTube. This can be done through:Affiliate Links Sponsorships Merch and Products Selling Digital Products Offer Services and much more - EASY TO USE YouTube is easy to use for everyone, even if you don’t have any computer skills. Still, don’t know how to use this social media platform? Don’t worry, there are many tutorials out there to show you how to upload a video and much more. - AN EASY WAY TO SHARE INFORMATION With YouTube, you can share a good amount of information to a lot of people in a short time. You can also share information in an entertaining way. This can be in the form of: Videos Music Comedy Sketch Video Animation Like other social media platforms such as Instagram, you can now upload Youtube stories, polls or post updates which can help tremendously with engaging your audience. For example, you could do a poll on which topic your viewers would like to see next, which not only gets your audience involved but lets you understand what people want to see from your channel. This product is not refundable. This product is not refundable because of our Terms & Conditions

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