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YouTube Millionaire by - Mahatmaji Technical

by Mahatmaji Technical

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Program Overview

Key Highlights

  • A Step By Step Online Training Course
  • Be A YouTube Marketing Entrepreneur
  • #1 YouTube Marketing Course In The World
  • Learn to Earn Millions from Internet
  • Be a YouTube Millionaire.
  • Lifetime Access of the Course

Course Content

Youtube Marketing - Module 1

  • How to make Money On Youtube
  • what is youtube- Ist part
  • What is youtube- part 2
  • Why youtube, facebook and instagram
  • Youtube as a businesman
  • Youtube for student
  • Youtube professionals
  • Youtube shortcut Keys
  • E Books

E Books

  • Blogging E Book In Hindi

Youtube Marketing - Module 2

  • How to create a youtube channel
  • Channel Art
  • How to upload Video & Channel Settings
  • YouTube Dashboard analytics Complete Detail
  • Watch Time, Audience Ret (FINAL).
  • Device, Subs, End Scrn
  • End Screen
  • Create-Free Music
  • How to create google adsense account
  • After Verified adsense account
  • MCN final
  • socail blade

Youtube Marketing - Module 3

  • How to create Thumbnail
  • Free thumbnail
  • Free images and video
  • Creative commons license
  • How to Get Free Tag and SEO - Tubebuddy , Rapidtag
  • Where to find Free music
  • How to use Font
  • vid IQ(youtube plugin)
  • Youtube Awards
  • Youtube creators feator final

Youtube Marketing - Module 4

  • Filmora Complete Tutorial
  • Top 5 Tips In Filmora
  • How To Control Speed of a Video
  • How to do Screen Recording With Filmora
  • What are the Types of Cut In Filmora
  • What is Filmora zoom and pen tool & How to Use it
  • How to change background in a video green Screen Video
  • How to detach Audio in Filmora
  • How to make a reverse video in Filmora
  • Videoscribe Complete Tutorial
  • Videoscribe
  • How To Add Effect
  • How To Add Graph
  • How To Add Image
  • How To Add Movement Between Two Pictures
  • How To Add Music
  • How To Change Bg Videoscribe
  • How To Render Videoscribe Video
  • How To Upload Music
  • How To Download Audacity And Install
  • How to remove audio noise and audio recording
  • How To Split Vocal
  • Vocal Voice Effect
  • About Mic
  • How To Shoot Video On Chroma
  • Equipment For Youtube Final
  • Detail about mics and cameras
  • Tripod & Camera

Youtube Marketing - Module 5

  • Case Study - Prank channel
  • Case Study - Affiliate marketin on youtube channel.
  • Case Study - Dancing Channel
  • Case Study - Educational channel 1
  • Case Study - Educational Channel 2
  • Case Study - Fitness
  • Case Study - Fitness And Health
  • Case Study - Motivational Channel
  • Case Study - Music Channel
  • Case Study - Music Channel
  • Case Study - News Channel
  • Case Study - Beauty Channel
  • Case Study - More Earning Type of channel
  • Case Study - Comedy
  • Case Study - Cooking Channels
  • Case Study - Technical Channel
  • Case Study - Technical Channel 2
  • Case Study - Vlog Market
  • Case Study - Vlog Moto
  • Case Study - Vlog Personal

Youtube Marketing - Module 6

  • Traffic source contant 1
  • Traffic source contant 2
  • Traffic source contant 3 (Audiance Retaintion)
  • Traffic source contant 4 (Make more and more Video)
  • Traffic source contant 5 (Attractive Thumbnai)
  • Traffic source contant 6 (Thumbnail + Tittle)

Youtube Marketing - Module 7

  • How to Get 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours Watch Time in 10 Days part 1
  • How to Get 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours Watch Time in 2019 part 2
  • How To Rank No. 1 On youtube - Learn Youtube SEO Step by Step Tutorial
  • How to increase views
  • How to rank your video
  • How to get Sponsorship
  • How to bring your video in trending page in less views
  • How to become digital business growth consultant
  • Giveaway importance
  • How to engage people on your channel
  • How to increase watch time
  • How to start from 0 subscribers
  • Why most of youtubers failed on youtube

Mastery In Youtube Marketing Pro Tips

  • What Is Video Marketing Full Case Study In Hindi
  • How To Write A Scripts For Your Video
  • Content Strategy For Your Video
  • How To Shoot Video On Chroma
  • Best Mic For Your Video & How To Use it
  • Topic Best Cameras For Your Video & How To Use it Name
  • How To Edit Your Video Professionally

Amresh Sir Live Classes

  • Live Class 1.1
  • Live Class 1.2

About Instructor

Mahatmaji Technical

Amresh Bharti is a Business motivational speaker, Author, YouTuber, former teacher, entrepreneur, Leading Consultant and an unshakable optimist who believes in a bright future and an individual's ability to build it by themselves. He is devoting his life while sharing his thinking and leading a movement to inspire people to do the things that inspire them.With a vision to change the way students and educational organisations think, acts and operate, Amresh is working to help transform and create better lives. He focuses on the fact that the world needs more entrepreneurs who will create jobs.

  • India’s leading video marketer and digital marketing and online earning trainer kick startup trainer.
  • Is the Founder of Mahatmaji technical and we make creators, a YouTube channel and a private limited organization.
  • He is a business growth Consultant.
  • Running channel named Mahatmaji Technical having 5 million+ subscribers and 300 million+ viewership.
  • Appeared in 98.3 FM , given speech.
  • Given speech on Josh talks about How to become successful YouTuber, and conducted digital training workshop.
  • Guest speaker in Delhi university.
  • 8000 Subscribers growing on His Channel Every day.
  • He organised a workshop about Youtube and blogging, which was attended by 1000 YouTubers all around India.

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