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Wondershare Filmora 9 & X or Kinemaster Video Editing Course by We Make Creators

by Mahatmaji Technical

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Program Overview

Key Highlights

  • Professional Video Editing Course
  • This is Updated Course on Wondershare Filmora 9 & X or Kinemaster 
  • Start Your Video Editing Career
  • Full Course at really affordable prices
  • 1 Year Prime access to this course
  • Full support from our team 

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Course Content

1. Introduction

1. Youtube Video With Filmora 9

  • 1.1 Filmora Complete Tutorial
  • 1.2 Top 5 filmora tips
  • 1.3 How To Control Speed Of Video
  • 1.4 How to do screen recording with filmora
  • 1.5 What are the types of cut in filmora
  • 1.6 What is filmora zoom and pen tool & How To Use It
  • 1.7 How To Change Background In a Video Green Screen Video
  • 1.8 How to make reverse video in filmora
  • 1.9 How to detach audio in filmora
  • 1.10 How To Use Filmora

2. Youtube Video With Filmora X

  • Introduction Of This Course

Start Your Video Editing Journey

  • 2.1 How To Download Filmora X
  • 2.2 Select Aspect Ratio For A Perfect Video
  • 2.3 Brief Overview Of Filmora X Interface
  • 2.4 How To Add Background Music And Adjust It
  • 2.5 How To Speed Up & Slow Down Your Video
  • 2.6 How To Add Multiple Video In A Single Screen

All Functions Of Filmora X

  • 2.7 How To Add Text And Title In A Video
  • 2.8 How To Add Filters In A Video
  • 2.9 How To Add Transitions Between Videos
  • 2.10 How To Add Elements In A Video
  • 2.11 How To Add Your Own Logo And Watermark
  • 2.12 How To Crop A Video
  • 2.13 How To Use Pan & Zoom Tool
  • 2.14 How To Remove Green Screen Perfectly
  • 2.15 How To Use Keyframing

Advanced Color Grading & Luts Pack

  • 2.16 How To Use Color Matching
  • 2.17 How To Use Motion Tracking
  • 2.18 Learn To Color Grade Videos

Advanced Tutorials

  • 2.19 How To Add Scrolling Text In A Video
  • 2.20 How To Add Text Behind Objects
  • 2.21 How To Blur Face In Video

Export your videos

  • 2.22 How To Export Your Videos
  • 2.23 How To Change Resolution Of A Video
  • 2.24 How To Change Frame Rate Of A Video

Screen Recording In Filmora

  • How To Screen Record In Filmora X

3. Become a Kinemaster Expert

  • 3.1 Kinemaster Introduction
  • 3.2 Important Settings in Kinemaster
  • 3.3 How to export in high quality in kinemaster
  • 3.4 How to apply Transition in Kinemaster
  • 3.5 How to use Effect Tool in Kinemaster
  • 3.6 How to use Overlays in Kinemaster
  • 3.7 How to use Text tool in Kinemaster
  • 3.8 How to use Handwritting tool in Kinemaster
  • 3.9 How to do voiceover in Kinemaster
  • 3.10 How to add Background Music
  • 3.11 How to use Pan & Zoom in Kinemaster
  • 3.12 How to Remove Green Screen in Kinemaster
  • 3.13 Colour Grading in Kinemaster
  • 3.14 Best app for recording mobile screen
  • 3.15 Editing for Technical channel
  • 3.16 How to add Logo in your video
  • 3.17 How to add movement between two object
  • 3.18 How to add Subscribe Button
  • 3.19 How to make professional Intro mobile Phone
  • 3.20 How to make Thumbnail in Kinemaster and Pixellab
  • 3.21 How to make video like Tik Tok & Likee
  • 3. 22 Slow & Fast motion in Kinemaster
  • 3. 23 Video Editing for Educational Channel
  • 3.24 kinemaster bonus tips
  • 3.25 Kinemaster Brief Tutorial
  • 3.26 Kinemaster Brief Tutorial
  • 3.27 Scrolling text _ Text Aniamation
  • 3.28 How to make 3D Mockup book
  • 3.29 kinemaster Latest Update
  • 3.30 Transitional type video edit In Kinemaster

4. FilmoraGo App Tutorial For Professional Video Editing

  • FilmoraGo app complete tutorial
  • How To Trim Your Video
  • How To Split Your Video
  • Use Of Transition
  • Use Of Canvas
  • How To Reverse Your Video
  • Speed Your Clips Up or Slow It Down
  • Use Of Effects Sticker , Filters Or Text
  • Use Of Most Important Part Royality - Free Music , Sound Effects Or Voiceover

About Instructor

Mahatmaji Technical

Amresh Bharti is a Business motivational speaker, Author, YouTuber, former teacher, entrepreneur, Leading Consultant and an unshakable optimist who believes in a bright future and an individual's ability to build it by themselves. He is devoting his life while sharing his thinking and leading a movement to inspire people to do the things that inspire them.With a vision to change the way students and educational organisations think, acts and operate, Amresh is working to help transform and create better lives. He focuses on the fact that the world needs more entrepreneurs who will create jobs.

  • India’s leading video marketer and digital marketing and online earning trainer kick startup trainer.
  • Is the Founder of Mahatmaji technical and we make creators, a YouTube channel and a private limited organization.
  • He is a business growth Consultant.
  • Running channel named Mahatmaji Technical having 5 million+ subscribers and 300 million+ viewership.
  • Appeared in 98.3 FM , given speech.
  • Given speech on Josh talks about How to become successful YouTuber, and conducted digital training workshop.
  • Guest speaker in Delhi university.
  • 8000 Subscribers growing on His Channel Every day.
  • He organised a workshop about Youtube and blogging, which was attended by 1000 YouTubers all around India.

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