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Student Millionaire Mindset Course

by Mahatmaji Technical

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Program Overview

Key Highlights

  • Student Millionaire Course will help the students to get a vision towards their future

  • It will help them know how to start up a business or even how to become an entrepreneur

  • This course will help students to start earning money as it will broaden their minds 

  • give them a scope about the life and circumstances waiting ahead of them


Course Content

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Module 1 : Student Life and Mindset

  • 1. Successful Student कैसे बने
  • 2. Mindset क्या है ?
  • 3. Mindset के प्रकार ?
  • 4. Subconscious Mind & Conscious Mind

Module 2: Career counselling

  • 1. How To chose Your Career
  • 2. What is the Perfect Time Table For Study
  • 3. How to create a Mindset as a Topper Student?
  • 4. How to Study like a topper student?
  • 5. How to be consistent with Studying?
  • 6. How to concentrate on study?
  • 7. How to remember what you read for any theory exam or further life?
  • 8. How to attempt various exams?
  • 9. How to study at night?
  • 10. How to wake up early in the morning(5 am)?
  • 11. How to study to crack any competitive exam?

Module 3 : Career Goal Setting

  • 1. How to choose the best online career?
  • 2. How to decide your goal ?
  • 3. How to achieve the goal?
  • 4. How to focus on a goal?
  • 5. How to stay motivated for your goal?

Module 4 : Further Steps

  • 1. How to convert Student Mindset to Entrepreneur mindset?
  • 2. How to become an entrepreneur?
  • 3. To-do list for the Entrepreneurial Mindset?
  • 4. How to start your own business?
  • 5. How to improve your writing skills?
  • 6. How to Improve your communication skills?

Top 20 Life-Changing & Powerful Motivational Story

  • 1 Powerful Motivational Story
  • 2. Powerful Motivational Story
  • 3 Powerful Motivational Story
  • 4 Powerful Motivational Story
  • 5 Powerful Motivational Story
  • 6 Powerful Motivational Story
  • 7 Powerful Motivational Story
  • 8 Powerful Motivational Story
  • 9 Powerful Motivational Story
  • 10 Special Life Changeing Story By Amresh Sir
  • 11 Powerful Motivational Story

10 online Earning E books

  • 1. Blogging E Book In Hindi

Important Frame Work & Pdf

  • Top 20 ways to earn money online
  • Top Accelerated Adoption by India in 2020
  • How to be Gentalman

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About Instructor

Mahatmaji Technical

Amresh Bharti is a Business motivational speaker, Author, YouTuber, former teacher, entrepreneur, Leading Consultant and an unshakable optimist who believes in a bright future and an individual's ability to build it by themselves. He is devoting his life while sharing his thinking and leading a movement to inspire people to do the things that inspire them.With a vision to change the way students and educational organisations think, acts and operate, Amresh is working to help transform and create better lives. He focuses on the fact that the world needs more entrepreneurs who will create jobs.

  • India’s leading video marketer and digital marketing and online earning trainer kick startup trainer.
  • Is the Founder of Mahatmaji technical and we make creators, a YouTube channel and a private limited organization.
  • He is a business growth Consultant.
  • Running channel named Mahatmaji Technical having 5 million+ subscribers and 300 million+ viewership.
  • Appeared in 98.3 FM , given speech.
  • Given speech on Josh talks about How to become successful YouTuber, and conducted digital training workshop.
  • Guest speaker in Delhi university.
  • 8000 Subscribers growing on His Channel Every day.
  • He organised a workshop about Youtube and blogging, which was attended by 1000 YouTubers all around India.

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