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PHP For Beginners in Hindi in 2020

by Vinod Bahadur Thapa

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Program Overview

Key Highlights

What you'll learn

  1. A true PHP for Beginners course with step-by-step lessons. Learn how to code using PHP.
  2. You will be taken from absolute PHP beginner to confident coder with every step clearly explained in Hindi.
  3. I am going to create dozens of useful PHP scripts to make you understand each topic clearly.
  4. PHP coding challenges (more added regularly) with full video solutions and downloadable PHP code.
  5. I added Bonus topics in this course too just to make you more confident on PHP and How and Why PHP? 
  6. We will go through each topics that is neccessary for all those who wants to learn PHP.
  7. Like Variables, how to create variables and assign values to it.
  8. Data Types and why it is important.
  9. Use of Operators ex. How to use mathematical operators e.g. addition, subtraction, multiplication, division (and more) to solve practical problems e.g. calculate the area of a circle if the user inputs the radius or diameter, Manipulate words and sentences (strings) using string functionsuse.
  10. Loops to simplify processesuse conditional statements to test properties and action processes based on the result
  11. create and use simple arrays and solve problems involving array functions
  12. use associative arrays and manipulate them using array functions
  13. use PHP internal functions and create your ownuse the date() function to perform calculations based on the date 


Have you seen other courses that use Jargan(hard to understand) terms or that jump steps and leave you thinking "why did that just happen"? You won't find that with this course because every line of code is explained in Hindi and is very easy to follow.

This course has been designed with the coding beginner in mind and to make the them feel confident while coding, to make the fundamental strong and to make them believe that everything is possible. If I can learn PHP so you too.


  • Have access to a computer with internet connection and browser
  • Some HTML and CSS knowledge would be beneficial but the tutor will explain everything as he goes
  • If you wish to use the downloadable code snippets then you should know how to open a zip file.
  • A functioning PHP development environment of your choice. E.g. Visual Studio Code with MAMP/XAMMP.

Who this course is for:

  • No PHP coding experience is required - this is a true PHP for Beginners course
  • Complete beginners to PHP are welcome and encouraged to enroll
  • Anyone interested in learning PHP at a basic to intermediate level
  • If you are looking to learn complex Object Oriented Programming (OOP) then this course is NOT for you

Course Content

Module 1: PHP Course Introduction

Module 2: Bonus (Web Development Work Flow)

Module 3: Prerequisite For Learning PHP

  • Languages to learn before learning PHP

Module 4: What is PHP and How PHP Works?

  • What is PHP?
  • Bonus: Programming Languages vs Scripting Languages
  • What can PHP do and Why use PHP?

Module 5: Installing Environmental Programs & IDE

  • How to Download, Install and Use the XAMPP Server
  • How to install sublime text editor?

Module 6: PHP Basics

  • Hello, World!
  • How to use the correct syntax in PHP
  • What are PHP variables?
  • What PHP data types?
  • How to assign values to a variable in PHP?
  • How to add comments to PHP code?

Module 7: PHP Basic Operators

  • What are Arithmetic operators in PHP? SUM/SUB/MULT/DIV
  • What is Expressions? Operators vs Operands in PHP
  • How to use the PHP modulus operator

Module 8: PHP IF Else Statements

  • How to use an IF ELSE statement in PHP
  • Untitled Lecture

Module 9: PHP Assignment, Comparison and Logical Operators

  • What are the comparison operators in PHP?
  • What are the logical operators in PHP?

Module 10: Increment and Decrement Operators in PHP

Module 11: PHP Switch Statements

  • How to write Switch Statements

Module 12: PHP Loops

  • How to use WHILE loops in PHP
  • How to use Do WHILE loops in PHP
  • Task 5: Find Multiples of 15 using While loop in PHP
  • How to use FOR loops in PHP

Module 13: PHP Strings

  • How to find the length of a word or sentence in PHP
  • How to count the number of words in a string in PHP
  • How to reverse a string in PHP

Module 14: PHP Internal Functions

  • How to generate a random number in PHP

Module 15: PHP Date and Time Functions

Module 16: PHP Functions

  • How to create a function in PHP | Function call and Function define
  • How to use variables in PHP functions | Find Area of Rectangle Using Function
  • How to pass arguments to a PHP function
  • How to pass Default Arguments in PHP Function
  • How to return a value from a PHP function

Module 17: PHP ARRAYS and Array Functions

  • What is an array in PHP?
  • How to get the Length of an Array in PHP

Module 18: PHP Associative Arrays

  • Untitled Lecture

Moule 19: PHP Mini Project 1

  • PHP Temperature Conversion App

Module 20: PHP Mini Project 2

Module 21: PHP Mini Project 3

  • Creating a HTML Form and How to use form data in PHP

About Instructor

Vinod Bahadur Thapa

If you have any doubts about how to get and access this course,watch this video.

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