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Basic to Advanced: Spoken English Course By Deotirth Sahu

by Dev Spoken English

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Job Preparation , Spoken English
Language: Hindi

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  • Basic to Advanced: Spoken English Course By Deotirth Sahu.
  • Learn Spoken English in 60 Days easily with this Course.
  • Spoken English Course from Basic To Advanced Level.
  • Vocabulary Booster to enrich your Vocabulary.
  • Spoken English becomes easy, with Rich Vocabulary and technique.


Basic Course

  • Lesson-1 |अंग्रेज़ी भाषा में शिष्टाचार के नियम Demo
  • Lesson-2 |Use of Have-Has(Hindi)
  • Lesson-3 |use of is,am,are
  • Lesson-4 |Use of 'it' in English- Explained in Hindi
  • Lesson-5 |can
  • Lesson-6 |may
  • Lesson-7 |Parts of speech
  • Lesson-8 |Present Indefinite
  • Lesson-9 |Daily routine
  • Lesson-10 |How to make interrogative sentence
  • Lesson-11 |Present Continous
  • Lesson-12 |Present perfect
  • Lesson-13 |Present perfect continous
  • Lesson-14 |use of was, were
  • Lesson-15 |Use of there was,there were
  • Lesson-16 |Past indefinite part 1
  • Lesson-17 |Past indefinte part-2
  • Lesson-18 |Present indefinte me confusion
  • Lesson-19 |Past continuos
  • Lesson-20 |Had
  • Lesson-21 |was,were and Had me fark
  • Lesson-22 |Past perfect
  • Lesson-23 |Future Indefinite
  • Lesson-24 |Future continuous
  • Lesson-25 |There will be
  • Lesson-26 |will be
  • Lesson-27 |Future Perfect
  • Lesson-28 |will have ka use
  • Lesson-29 |all tenses
  • Lesson-30 |How to start conversation
  • Lesson-31 |Kinds of noun
  • Lesson-32 |Noun singular to plural
  • Lesson-33 |Types of sentense
  • Lesson-34 |Preposition and conjunctions
  • Lesson-35 |Article a,an,the
  • Lesson-36 |There their
  • Lesson-37 |this that
  • Lesson-38 |Who ke prayog
  • Lesson-39 |Commonly mistakes by Indians
  • Lesson-40 |Interjections
  • Lesson-41 |Idioms
  • Lesson-42 |How to tell time
  • Lesson-43 |Daily English Part 1
  • Lesson-44 |Daily English part-2
  • Lesson-45 |Daily English part-3
  • Lesson-46 |Daily English part-4
  • Lesson-47 |Daily English part-5

Advanced Course

  • Lesson-1 |How to start conversation Demo
  • Lesson-2 |kya kaheneg log
  • Lesson-3 |worngly pronounced english words
  • Lesson-4 |Janiye English Sikhane ka Rahsya
  • Lesson-5 |Should,Should be, Should have- MODAL HELPING VERBS
  • Lesson-6 |Use of Must
  • Lesson-7 |Ought to- Modal verb
  • Lesson-8 |Polite request
  • Lesson-9 |is,am,are have.has me fark
  • Lesson-10 |it vs its
  • Lesson-11 |Emphatic sentence
  • Lesson-12 |English tips for learning
  • Lesson-13 |have had,had had ka use
  • Lesson-14 |How to read news paper
  • Lesson-15 |How to tell a story
  • Lesson-16 |able to
  • Lesson-17 |About to
  • Lesson-18 |Going to
  • Lesson-19 |Supposed to
  • Lesson-20 |would like to
  • Lesson-21 |Would के प्रयोग
  • Lesson-22 |May-Might- संभावना बताने के लिए
  • Lesson-23 |Self introduction kaise de
  • Lesson-24 |Has to-Have to, Had to, Will Have to का सही Use
  • Lesson-25 |let and let's
  • Lesson-26 |Used to- Modal verb का प्रयोग
  • Lesson-27 |could
  • Lesson-28 |All modals
  • Lesson-29 |passive voice part 1
  • Lesson-30 |passive voice part 2
  • Lesson-31 |Passive voice part 3
  • Lesson-32 |Bina soche english kaise bole
  • Lesson-33 |Character
  • Lesson-34 |coaching admission 2019
  • Lesson-35 |few,a few, the few
  • Lesson-36 |Gerund
  • Lesson-37 |Group Discussion
  • Lesson-38 |Have been,hasbeen,had been
  • Lesson-39 |How to impress girls
  • Lesson-40 |How to tech any subject in English
  • Lesson-41 |how to tell dates
  • Lesson-42 |Narration part 1
  • Lesson-43 |Narration Part-2
  • Lesson-44 |Noun singular to plural 2
  • Lesson-45 |question and answers part- 1
  • Lesson-46 |shopkeeper
  • Lesson-47 |Slang words
  • Lesson-48 |talent ki kami
  • Lesson-49 |Use of Get
  • Lesson-50 |letter writing skill
  • Lesson-51 |What is an interview


  • Word list No-1
  • Word list No-2
  • Word list No-3
  • Word list No-4
  • Word list No-5
  • Word list No-6
  • Word list No-7
  • Word list No-8
  • Word list No-9
  • Word list No-10
  • Word list No-11
  • Word list No-12
  • Word list No-13
  • Word list No-14
  • Word list No-15
  • Word list No-16
  • Word list No-17
  • Word list No-18
  • Word list No-19
  • Word list No-20
  • Word list No-21
  • Word list No-22
  • Word list No-23
  • Word list No-24
  • Word list No-25

Other Vocabulary

  • Cricket related vocabulary
  • Election vocabulary
  • Foreign orgin english words
  • Hair related vocabulary
  • List of ailments
  • List of animals
  • List of birds
  • List of body parts
  • List of flowers
  • List of fruit
  • Phrashal verbs
  • Top 300 word

Spoken English Digital Book

  • Set - 1
  • Set - 2
  • Set - 3
  • Set - 4

About Dev Spoken English

Dev Spoken English

Spoken English | International Motivation Speaker, Author, English Guru | 15+ Years of Teaching Experience. Deotirth Sahu sir has been known as English Guru for guiding many students for Different cities and villages for these past few years. He also has publication named "Dev Spoken English" and has published many books like "Mind Your English".

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Mode- Online

Videos- 135

Study Notes- 4

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Language- Hindi

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